Kendra Sunderland Talks Dating as an Adult Performer on Dante Nero’s ‘Man College 202’

NEW YORK — Kendra Sunderland appeared on comedian Dante Nero’s podcast, “Guy College 202,” earlier this month to talk about dating as an adult performer.

Sutherland was in New York marketing her new website when she dropped in to the studio to record the episode.

“I interviewed Kendra, and it was exceptionally refreshing talking with her, a young adult movie star conscious of her decision, who she is and what is the non-negotiable place in her individual happiness,” explained Nero. “This interview is one of these that has much less to do with what we do in daily life and far more to do with how we all should pursue peace and contentment.”

“I had a great time speaking with Dante on’ Guy College 202,’ it was genuinely great to kick back and be sincere about my daily life,” explained Sunderland.